1. What your wedding photography style?

We do take traditional (group) photo in our lifestyle, documentary style. We are fashionable in candid photography. Our team of aspiring & enthusiastic photographers, videographers, designers with creative ideas; we are expert at candid wedding shoots & outdoor photo shoots and videography. We typically shadow the couples as while being hypersensitive to behind the scene moments and emotion that occur spontaneously. This makes the best wedding memories.

2. What your wedding photography packages include?

Our wedding photography and videography packages include editing files on a DVD disc. Other available options are wedding album, candid photo graphic design & album, 5mints video highlights, Multi lingual audio track with HD 1080 video, blue ray disc, and tearable photobook. Feel free to ask more other details.

3. What camera do you use for wedding photography?

We use whatever it takes to get you photos. We have long list of equipment

We shoot wedding, and includes full-frame, fast lenses, off camera lighting, remote lighting, stands, tripods, monopods….all which updated and changed constantly.

In case you are interested in this conversation on equipment, or debating the pros and cons between Nikon & canon.

4. When will we get our wedding’s album?

Wedding album are critical part of the final piece of work. All albums are custom designed to your wedding, and clean, and classic. The album is developed within

6 – 8 weeks after customer selected a wedding photo copy. Because our wedding albums designs are handmade, we usually present this time to deliver upon final payment. What your album will look like.

5. Who choose the album photos?

We offer you to select a photo that in album. The majority of the photos for the album it will judge to select the best photos of your wedding day. One of the reasons, the couple must often to times say they ordered the album from photographer.

6. Do you charge for outdoor photography?


7. Do you take a backup to the wedding event In case of malfunction?

Yes, always we copyright in chronic packer.

8. How many wedding photos do you provide per wedding?

We do not take limited number of photo shoot during wedding (the Hi-tech photography). This kind of work we do result in number of rejected photos-bad expressions, bad light, out of frame and so on. We reject around 50-70% of wedding photos of some reason. The rest of photos selected by our designers, and color corrected, background designing, creativity, and for final delivery. We deliver minimum 300-800 photos from wedding and so on.

9. How many people are in your team?

It will be about you. While we believe in large teams with a photographer in town, we can bring some people as need to cover your wedding photo and we estimate your wedding packages, we guess how many people expected and recommend a photo and video team.

Some other person always be a part of our team! We learn more about Tamil wedding photography best experience in shooting a real wedding.

10. Do you offer wedding video services?

Absolutely, we will develop video in our style with blue ray 1080p HD, of your wedding. We include a (5 mints) wedding highlights, and full 80-120 minute wedding movie in high definition with multi lingual audio track. Here is an example of a movie produced recently that we’re very proud of.  (We attached the video here)

11. Do you have a discount?

It will be depending our schedules period.

12. Do you edit the photo before present our file?

Yes, all photos individually assessed for color and edited appropriately. Then we take care to before present the file and it will fine to print the album ordered, little more photos will go into the selected photos.

13. There extra charge for this service?

No, all editing is carried out on complimentary basis. Which is different from editing? And will come additional charge.

14. Will we get Original Files?

Yes, you will get a hi-resolution photo files on DVD. It normally we give at the time of album delivery.

15. My wedding is three day, in first & second day do not involves a full day why u r charging me for full three days?

First day we will book my full day available for you, second day more important one in my experience during Indian weddings, your wedding day may all most involve shooting overtime as Tamil wedding are not known to get over without songs and music. We won’t be charging you for working extra your wedding needs it, so at the end of the day, things really do average out.

16. Do you retain the copyright for the wedding photos?

Yes, we will retain all your wedding photos; we always provide a copyright for you allowing personal use and printing your wedding photos.

17. Finally…. Why wedding photography so expensive?

Some other people tend to see Wedding photography as just the 12 hours the photographer shoots on the day. Right from the contact, emails and phone calls, the hours start up. And the engagement shoot will take 4 – 6 hours, editing it image maximum 5 hours the wedding day it throw out over the thousand photos which could take anywhere between 12 – 16 hours of edit, modifying, album designing, etc.




Vaishali Karunanithi
THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHY IN MADURAI!! They are amazing in their work. Right from enquiry, their response is quick and they help in everything. They come for the photoshoot at any time and with no delay. No delay either in delivering the photos or videos. Each one of them are very patient and they don't miss a single moment. They shoot as much pics as we want.:). Everything is beautifully captured!! I just love the albums :) Thanks to the entire team for capturing the best moment of my life:) Any future photoshoot, I will definitely take it with you :) You are simply the best !!

Awesome Service

Indhumathi Arun
Hi Sundar and satish, thanks for u wonderful pics.. and awesome service.. u ppl make our day more special.. I would like to thank especially Abdul for his wonderful service and for his patience.. thank u soo much..

Being Friendly On A Professional Note

Parthiban MP
We came to know them through my friend. When we started enquiring about them.. wow! they are already friend of my wife... and that came as a surprise to us... Now I'm going to tell you about how Jaihind team started the journey as friends and become a family member with me through their eyes aka photography. Pre-wedding Photography It all started in the early morning of wee hours @ Mahabs thats when i meet them first as a team, where i don't know any of them personally..we got introduced formally and in a few seconds they were ready for the sunrise shoot. i being myself afraid of giving poses and the wee hours got me more nervous and conscious, that's when i heard sundar talking about the background and subject... (SUBJECT : oh its me and my wife).. After hearing that i got my comfort of posing. then our pre weeding photography started. 1. That's how a professional person works 2. Being friendly on a professional Note 3. They will give space and time for being yourself to bring the best out of you. 4. They will treat your Big Day better through their eyes.. For whoever Hiring them, your gonna work with the professional. So go prepared and dont be a dumb like me :D For the whole day they were with us taking photos and From Mahabs to Pondy with the smiling face specially you SAMI, ur smile is important for the team :D not showing any tiredness or discomfort and keeping you in ur comfort zone.. thats more important for good photos in my point of view. For whatever i told you here so far, you can look at my preweeding photoshoot. So dat u realize their photos talk better than me. Then here comes the wedding, As i told you already im not good at giving poses, the wedding day got me more excitement.. meeting up new people,lotta work to catch up at last moment,.. but these guys came for my rescue with the same smile and said lets rock this day.. being professional they know whats coming next on wedding sequence.They will be ready to capture all the moments, both in traditional and funny note. @ Abdul : When i saw u instead of muthu as a videographer on wedding i started worrying, why they changed the team!!!!. but when you started instructing us and showing the preview and explaining what you want and how we will look in the frame. that's when i realized they choose you right...as i mentioned earlier ur a professional too, but u were added in our friend list later bcoz, its ur fault you missed the prewedding photoshoot . :D Atlast the beautiful day comes to a end with their stunning photography.( You can checkout my wedding album). Where you can find all the professional details. From pre wedding photoshoot to our wedding Jaihind photography travelled with us to capture the best moments of our life without losing any, That's how all members of Jaihind team transfered from being friends to part of family. @SUNDAR @MUTHU @SAMI @ABDUL Sathish, u explained me one month before wedding about Jaihind photography work. and im writing this today.. and its not stopping here.. Cheers !!

The Next Generation Photography

Karthiga Nagarajan
'The next generation photography', the service they provided us was splendid and their delivery was always on time. Right from the moment of inquiry, all we get from them are, prompt guidance, excellent professionalism, awesome team work and great patience to make each and every shot look 'the best'. Way to go team.. Wishing you guys all the very best.. :)

Candid Photographers At Madurai.

Sakthi Priya Hariram
Since my wedding was held at Madurai, I was looking out for candid photographers at Madurai. It was when I stumbled upon Jaihindh photography. The moment I looked through their albums, I decided this was the one. Immediately, we booked Jaihindh. They did an amazing job. The photographers Charan and Ganesh were very patient enough to capture the best candid ones. The Videographer did an excellent job capturing all the major events and traditions of a typical Sourashtra wedding. I felt bad for not booking for a candid video as the traditional video turned out to be the best. Also, we go all the photos and videos immediately after our wedding got over. The gifts, especially the wood engravings were liked by all. We are thinking of getting a much larger sizes wood engraving of our wedding photo. My husband and his family liked the photos and videos very much and so they decided to choose Jaihindh for my sister in law's wedding at Chennai. Thanks a ton Jaihindh, for capturing our wedding beautifully. I have seen my wedding video for many a times. It feels refreshing.

Capturing The Wonderful Moments

Arun Kannan
Thank you jaihind photography team for capturing the wonderful moments of my marriage which even I don't remember happening on the day of wedding . Mr.Sunder MR.shahul mr.muthupandi and all others... Thank you very much . Your friendly nature and professionalism are awesome and you guys are going to go places for sure.

No Words...Totally Speechless.. Excellent...!!!!!

Sukanya Venkatesh
No words...totally speechless.. excellent...!!!!! Let me start from sathish Anna, our experience with him was absolutely perfect.He suggested from the stage decoration till the dress choice. Thx u so much Anna. Sundar You can tell him that he really loves his job especially his candid clicks was awesome and the editing work Great. Abdul kapoor and the whole team did a awesome job to give the best memory. Coming to our post wedding shoot it was like trip, the team was very friendly and the whole day of Photo shoot was fun. My husband don't like to take pictures but now just the opposite he is very happy after seeing de pics. Waiting to see the videos and the album. Thanks again guys! You made our big day so special with lots of memories.!!!!! All the very best!!!!

Love Your Experience With Jaihind Photography!

Abdul Hakkim
We had so much fun getting our marriage and outdoor pictures taken by Jaihind Photography. They are professional, creative, talented, very reasonable, and so easy to work with. The pictures were shown to us almost immediately after the photo shoot. They all turned out beautifully! Each picture perfectly captured the emotion of the day! You will absolutely love your experience with Jaihind photography!